Minolta Dimage 7i

Little user review

[ Version française ]


I bought one of the first Dimage 7i available in France (31 may 2002). My firmware version is 1.00e (to know your's, go to setup mode and press the subject-program button).

I've updated the firmware to version 1.10e.

Improvement from Dimage 7 :


New firmware 1.10u and 1.10e is available for download.
If your firmware is 1.00u, use the 1.10u link, if your firmware is 1.00e, use the 1.10e link.
To know your firmware version, go to setup mode, and press the subject-program button.
I had to reformat my 16 MB compact flash (with my PC under win 2000) for the upgrade to work, because I previously used it in my psion.

After using it for a year, I sold it for a fuji S1 pro.

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last update 11 aug 2003