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MotoRacer 3 PC

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The main caracteristics of MotoRacer 3 for PC are :

The minimum configuration I recommand is a Geforce 2, 800MHz processor, 128 MB RAM.

Moto Racer 3 PC is available since the end of november 2001 in Europe (january 2002 in the US).

Tips :

Please download and install the update 1.2 as it brings a lots of improvments.

You can change the parameters of your bike (gear, power curve, ..) to adapt a bike to a track.

In trial mode, I move the camera by pressing the W key (or Q) once. So I have a better feeling of the bike.

In trial mode, to jump a big step, I press the F key to lift the front wheel (I release it) and then I quickly press the B key to compress the rear suspension of the bike (I release it), and I accelerate. You will need to train a little bit.

With traffic bikes you can brake later by making a powerfull brake. For that you can press the turbo key after pressing the brake key (keep pressing the brake key while pressing turbo key).

Cheat codes for the PC version :

360░ rotation around the bike Press the C key
Super acceleration (1) ctrl + shift + C
Super boost (1) (2) ctrl + shift + B
Slow AI opponents (1) ctrl + shift + A

(1) you have to add the command line parameter -localCC (create a shortcut)
(2) press F and B (or forward and back) quickly to get the super boost

Download :

An executable update (patch 1.2) is available for download at various places (3D Gamers, metalMr3, ...).
Two new tracks (chantier and residence) are also available for download at download.com.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Q) My PC is slow.
A) You have the choice to disable sounds, musics, and you can change graphic options during the game by pressing ESC.
A T&L graphic card is recommanded.
The patch 1.2 has been particularly optimised for speed, but disabling the sounds can be necessary to get a better frame rate.
Q) In traffic mode, I can't see some cars that are in front of the bike.
A) You can adjust the heigh of the camera with the F5 key.

Q) I cannot change the graphic resolution of the game.
A) The update 1.1 (and later ones) allows that.

Q) I cannot find a good configuration for my joystick/joypad.
A) You can use the custom configuration and try to edit the joystick.ini file (for advanced user only) or you can update to version 1.1 or later
Q) I cannot make freestyle jumps using the joystick.
A) The update 1.1 and later correct that problem.

Q) How to display the frame-rate.
A) Press Ctrl + Shift + V. The more the 1 is to the right of the scale, the faster the game run. If you cannot see the 1 (it is completely on the left of the scale), your PC is too slow. (Try disabling the sound).

Add the command line parameter -dontstoponerrors to get the frame rate value diplayed.

Q) The game sometimes quit suddenly when playing in network (or internet).

A) The patch 1.2 correct this bug.

Q) I have uninstalled the game, and now I cannot reinstall it !

A) You can download this file to correct the problem.
Unzip the file to a temp directory, then launch the file by double clicking on it. Then you can install the game.
As this file make change to the registry, it's a good thing to backup the registry before running this file.

If you cannot installe the game after that, you can run directly the SETUP.EXE from the INSTALL directory on the CDROM.

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