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This page is about MotoRacer 1.

MotoRacer is an arcade moto race. You can ride road bikes or dirt bikes. The game has 8 tracks (you gain access to the 4 latest tracks when you win championship).

MotoRacer PC needs Windows 95, 98, Me or XP and DirectX 3 (or higher) to run. (Under windows 98, Me or XP, never install DirectX 3 when asked for at the end of the installation.)

Pentium 133 and 16 Mb is the minimum configuration to enjoy the game.

This game has been one of the first to support Direct3D for graphic acceleration.

Support for 3D graphic cards through Direct3D. Some graphic cards give better result than others (3DFX Voodoo, nvidia riva 128, Rendition verité, Ati 3d rage Pro)

The game needs the patch 3.22 to work well with the new voodoo 2 cards (see the faq).

The game is available in America since the beginning of september 1997.

The game is also available for playstation.



Q) How to install the additional tracks ?

A) This page may help (in french but with pictures).

Q) When I try to run MotoRacer, I get an X message that says 16 bit screen mode required! What does this mean ?

A) It means that your screen mode is wrong. You can keep the same resolution (800x600 or 1024x768) but you have to change to a 65536 color mode (256 color or true color modes don't work for Motoracer).
To change the screen mode, right click in your desktop and choose properties, then click the configuration tab and change to 16 bits mode. Then click OK.
Q) I hear some bip when I press the space key and/or I cannot turn left while I am pressing space key.

A) The problem is specific to some keyboards. In the option menu, change the key for wheelie to another key, like B for example.

I have a 3DFX and the PC freeze after the track is loaded ?

May be a dialog box has opened in the main graphic card.
You can plug off the VGA cable from the 3DFX card, and plug it in the main graphic card. Then, you can see what the dialog box is saying. After answering the dialog box, just plug back the VGA cable in the 3DFX card.

Is there cheat codes ?
Yes, when the game ask for your name, you can enter one or more of the following :
CDNALSI to have access to all tracks,
CESREVER reverse the courses,
CTEKCOP to ride pocket bikes
Is there additional tracks ?

Two extra tracks, fun fair and sea of sand are available on the net (only for the retail version).
The net, it's here (7 Mb).

How to meet other MotoRacer players over the internet ?

There is no internet server dedicated to MotoRacer. You can use the ICQ software to join other MotoRacer players who let you know their ICQ number.
You may also use the IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

From the creative 3D blaster user page :

"xxx had some trouble getting the demo-version of Motoracer to work, here´s how he solved it :"

"I ran the game with the -D3D switch which forces Direct3D acceleration. Now I can play 640x480 at a very fast frame rate and all the menus etc. work properly, and I am still using Creative's display driver. Once again, what an awesome game! I'm definitely going to buy it!" The trick will probably work on the full version too.

Problem with sounds ? Look here.
Problem with IPX network ? Look here.
Q) Tony wrote : "On my travels around all the motoracer pages that I can find, I have found several references to a bonus track that can be obtained by winning a championship on hard mode with all 24 racers and coming first in each race. I have done this after a lot of hard racing and swearing, and was rewarded with a screen saying Winner and nothing else, no bonus track. If there is a bonus track, could you please tell me how to access it as I have played all the tracks now including sea of sand and funfair and am slowly losing interest due to the lack of new challenge."

A) I'm sorry but that bonus track doesn't exist. There was one in a very old version. But it was removed due to lack of interest of that track. It was just for riding everywhere, but you where alone, no other bikes, no race. 

Q) Dave wrote : "Hi, I just got a copy of your superbike for Moto Racer...What a blast...That bike makes the game that much more fun...Thanks for writing it... I was wondering if you are working on a dirt version? If you already have it I would love a copy if you will be so kind..."

A) Thanks for the compliment, Dave. 

I see the crack to play without the CD in so many places on the net that I decided not to release a dirt superbike. Sorry. I will change my position if the situation change.

Q) I upgraded from windows 95 to windows 98, and I cannot run MotoRacer anymore. I get a message about an incorrect installation.
A) You will have to reinstall the game.
The easiest way to do that is :
  1. to rename the directory MotoRacer was installed in,
  2. reinstall the game in the same directory it was originally installed (with the same options), CAUTION : Under windows 98, Me or XP, never install the version of DirectX 3 provided with the game (windows 98 contain a newer version)
  3. then remove that new directory and
  4. rename the saved directory to the original one.

Making that, you are sure to keep the score and config files intact.
(For information, score and config files are : bestscor.dat, list.bpt, config.bpt, champ.bpt)

Q) Chris L. wrote : "I have a problem, as do others I've talked with, running motoracer on the new Voodoo 2 choppiest. The game runs great until the end of the track, then the computer locks up. This only happens when playing single player championship mode and playing multiplayer games. I have talked to at least two other people who have had the same problem. They were using the Creative 12 meg, and I am using the Diamond Monster 3d 2 (8 meg). I have been unable ... to find anyone with suggestions that I haven't already tried ... It seems like this should be a fairly small problem as the game actually runs fine, it just hangs up when trying to change screens. The screen that it doesn't want to go into is the one showing the top 3 racers with the trophies. "
A) The patch version 3.22 has been made to correct the problem.
Q) I bough a Diamond Monster 3DII (8mb). Moto Racer runs OK in 512x384 resolution, but when I try to use 640x400 or 640x480 it tells me that I don't have enough video memory for D3D, but then shows me that I actually have 8Mb on the video card (4MB texture & 4Mb frame buffer).
A) The answer came from a motoracer newsgroup :
If I change the font size to use the small fonts, I don't get the memory error, and the game runs in 640x480 mode using D3D. 
Q) My joystick is recognized by windows, I have configured it in the option menu of MotoRacer, but when the game starts, I have no joystick control ?
A) This problem has been reported with joystick using the midi channel of the joystick port (MS Sidewinder).
It is due to the installation of DirectX 3 (provided with the game) over a newer version of DirectX (5.0, 5.2 or 6.0).
As windows 98, Me and XP contains a newer version of DirectX, you should never install DirectX 3.0 when you are asked for at the end of the MotoRacer installation.
To correct the problem (if DirectX 3 has been installed over a later version), you will have to reinstall the latest version of DirectX (not provided on the cd of MotoRacer) .
Q) Does MotoRacer support force feedback joysticks ?
A) No.
But force feedback joystick can be used in MotoRacer as if they were joystick without force feedback.
Q) The game doesn't start under Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 3 (for Dirext X 3.0).
A) The patch 3.22 should correct the problem. But the game is designed to work under Windows 95, not NT, so it is not guaranteed to work as well as under Windows 95.
Some people told me it work, some it don't. I don't know what is the problem if it doesn't work.
Q) When I run the game I have the message :
cdd: enumVideoModes() failed

No DirectDraw structure encountered
A) It's certainly a problem with the drivers of your graphic card. You should get the latest version of drivers for your graphic card and install them.
Make sure your graphic card is in 16 bits color Mode (or 65535 colors).

Q) Does Motoracer works under windows 2000 ?

A) No it doesn't.
It has been tested successfully under windows 95, 98, Me or XP.
Under windows 98, Me or XP, don't install DirectX 3 when asked for at the end of the installation (answer NO).

Some links (last ones are more recently added):

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A motoracer ladder at Case's ladder
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Link to a Delphine games forum with a Motoracer chapter.
If you know other links (yours or not) about MotoRacer, send me an email and I will add them to this list.

I will not add pages that have a link to the crack version to play without CD.

If you like this game, and if you want to support game development, you should not support game hacking. Thanks for NOT having a link to this crack version.

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