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MotoRacer 2

[ Cliquez ici pour la version en français ]

MotoRacer 2's features :

MotoRacer 2 for PSX (Playstation) is available since september 98.

MotoRacer 2 for PC is available since the end of november 98.

A patch (version 1.34) is available. This update brings you :

Unfortunately, the patch 1.34 don't work under windows XP. You'll have to use the patch 1.36xp to play the game on windows XP or windows 2000.

patch 1.36 for xp download site 1
patch 1.36 for xp download site 2

Cheat codes for PC version :

Big Air (allow dirt bikes to make big jumps, the bike always jump)Left Left Up Up Right Right Down Down Space Esc Enter
Super Speed (increase the power of your bike, to go very fast)Up Up Up Right Left Esc Enter

N.B. Enter the cheat code when you're in the start page (the first page) of the menu (the page with START - OPTIONS - EDITOR - EXIT). If the code is correct, you see the 2 moving.

The code remains active even if you quit the game. You will have to enter the code a second time to disable it.


Q) Sometimes the game or the menu is not very smooth, or the game freeze for a second.

A) On some PC, you will need to disable audio CD play.
Q) The game crash on my cyrix PC.

A) You can use the -NoCpuDetect command line parameter (see -help for list) or
download the update.

Q) The game don't run under windows XP or 2000

A) You need the patch 1.36xp
The patch 1.34 don't work with windows XP or 2000

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