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MotoRacer WorldTour

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Moto Racer World Tour for Playstation has been released at the end of september 2000 in Europe (november 2000 in America).

This game is not a simple sequel to MotoRacer 2, the engine has been rewriten from scratch for this new game. The realism has been improved, and the game has more simulation features, while keeping a good gameplay.

If you want to feel the speed, you will appreciate the road modes (normal, traffic, dragster) and the outdoor cross. If you choose indoor supercross, freestyle or trial, you will have to exerce your skill at lower speeds.

Some features :

Riding tips:

Road bikes:
Brake before the bike is in the curve. If you brake while the bike is too inclined in the curve, you may loose control.
Don't use the wheeling key while the bike is in a curve, or you may loose control.
SuperCross (indoor) :
To make better times, you will have to control your jumps. The highest you jump, the more time you loose.
To avoid crash or loss of speed at landing, your both wheels have to land approximately at the same time.
Cross (outdoor) :
If you take a curve too fast, the rear of your bike may slide. It can be better to slow down your bike by releasing the accelerator before such a curve.
By braking while turning, you can start a slide.

Cheat codes :


Key sequences
Weaker enemies
Open all tracks
Open 250 (sx) and 500
Print more infos (acc, last lap)
Illimited tries in quick arcade
End cinematic
Super acceleration
down up up right square square R2
square triangle round round up up left
square triangle square round right up right
right left right up up up  
down down up left right up round
square square square round round round up
right left down up right up down


These codes must be entered in the main menu page (ARCADE / WORLDTOUR / 2 PLAYERS / OPTIONS ). The validation of a code is confirmed by a flash.

You can also try this link.



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