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I've been working for Delphine Software as a programmer since 1993. I worked on FlashBack PC, Fade To Black PC, Moto Racer for PC, MotoRacer 2, MotoRacer WorldTour, Moto Racer 3 for PC, and Motoracer Traffic.
I don't work for Delphine Software anymore since dec 2003.
I found a new job since then, but I don't work anymore in video games.

I like mountain biking in the forests, taking pictures, video. I collect pocket calculators and computers of the 70's and 80's.
I am also interested by planes and chinese checkers game.
If you speak a little french, you may look at the french version of this place, as the contents may differ.

The pages you must go :

Denis, a great artist

Léonard and his Atari ST soundchip emulator


klaudius' homepage 3D stuffs

Some interesting links :
3D relief on a screen (without glasses) like you've never seen before : Alioscopie.
More links on my links page.


Thank for visiting.
To contact me : Email (answer can be long to come)

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